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 ppc bidding campaign management services bangalore






Top PPC Campaign Management Services Bangalore, India

Lorita PPC agency was able to raise gross profitability, save time, and keep the customer churn rate down. We would recommend Lorita PPC agency to any business that is looking to save time and money while generating impressive measurable results for current and future clients.

Lorita provides top class PPC Bidding Campaign Management Services in Bangalore. The PPC Specialist of Lorita.in is responsible for developing and implementing the paid search marketing strategies and plan of the company. The role is focused on gaining quality visitors to desktop and mobile sites through paid channels. Success will be derived by improving performance and ROI, for lead acquisition and conversion.

The PPC Specialist will heavily rely on interpreting customer insight and using key tools to understanding how to optimize PPC traffic, such as using keyword tools, competitor research, and paid search platforms. This is a role within a rapidly growing business.


Pay Per Click Company: Get PPC Assistance from Lorita


Lorita is a pay per click management company that focuses on providing advertisers and agencies with the software tools and resources they need to create and maintain high-quality pay per click campaigns.

Our pay per click company offers sophisticated software and service options to help you optimize your PPC account.

Learn why Lorita is the best pay per click company around, try out our:

AdWords Performance Grader: Our free performance grader evaluates your current AdWords account, giving actionable suggestions for money-saving improvements.

Free Keyword Tools: Try our collection of free keyword tools that can help you discover, organize, and group keywords for your account.

Lorita Advisor: Our PPC management software makes it easy to keep up with your account. The built-in 20 minute work week suggests optimization changes you can implement quickly and easily that will save money and raise Quality Score.

PPC Express PPC Management Service: Let our AdWords certified account managers handle your PPC account and get you the qualified traffic and conversions your business needs to grow. It’s worry free PPC!

While small businesses normally might get lost and forgotten within a large PPC management company, Lorita caters especially to small and medium-sized businesses, providing them with the attention and focus they need to grow and develop their pay per click campaigns.

Lorita has already been recognized as one of the top pay per click companies in the search advertising industry. Let us show you why Lorita is the best PPC bid management company for you! Sign up for a free trial today.

PPC Bidding Campaign Management Services Bangalore

PPC Bidding Campaign Management Services Bangalore – Our vision as a pay per click management company is to help small and medium-sized business, and agencies on behalf of other various businesses, drive exceptional results by leveraging the power of search. Our goal as a leading pay per click advertising company is to help businesses optimize their search engine marketing effectiveness in order that they may acquire more customers at significantly lower costs.

Our PPC company’s technology, algorithms, and experts apply years of search expertise to help better our clients’ accounts. The results can speak for themselves: we’ve driven more traffic, higher-quality leads, and greater profits for hundreds of clients, every day.

As we maintain a public dialogue with the search community and continue to improve our clients’ accounts, our pay per click search marketing company looks forward to further developing our vision of Lorita to deliver the best search marketing solutions that enable businesses of all sizes to seize online marketing opportunities and grow along with this exciting new space.

PPC Services help you to reach your customers online via paid search advertising. Lorita’s in-house experts provide full-range PPC services to help you achieve the goals quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

PPC Services for Real-World Clients:

Decreased monthly cost by $1000 while maintaining click volume  Reduced spend by 33%, while maintaining a consistent volume of traffic  Reduced Cost-Per-Click by 25% and increased impressions  Tripled the click-through rate of an ad group from 2.79% to 7.36% through ad text optimization. Increased Quality Score averages to 7, which provided 43% lower cost per click (CPC) while maintaining conversion volume.

PPC Services from PPC Bidding Campaign Management Services Bangalore, what are the benefits?

Our PPC campaigns have improved drastically. We have decreased our CPC by over 65%, increased our CTR by 300% and our conversion rate by 500%!

With Lorita’s PPC services, you know that your PPC account is in the right hands. Our PPC consultants and our team of paid search marketing professionals, combined hands-on Google account to help you achieve your PPC goals.

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Account Review and Goal Setting
  • Keyword Research
  • Account Structure/Restructure
  • Text Ad Optimization
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Campaign Level Reporting
  • Transparency – You Always Have Access to Your Account
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Google Search and Display Networks
  • Monthly Calls and Reporting
  • Landing Page Optimization Recommendations
  • Manual Bid Management within Google AdWords
  • Manual Phone Tracking within Google AdWords

What makes Lorita’s PPC Consultants successful?

Lorita is a more than a pay per click company simply offering PPC software and PPC consulting services. Our staff not only create great PPC software that makes pay-per-click marketing easier and more profitable; we live, eat and breath PPC marketing.  We practice what we preach every day by continually researching the best practices and delivering the best PPC results for you. 

FAQ’s about our PPC Consultant Team

How good are Lorita’s PPC Consultants at managing AdWords campaigns and providing PPC services?
Very good! In addition to utilizing our proprietary PPC interface and Quality Score technology to power their process, your dedicated Google AdWords Certified PPC Consultant incorporates a team approach. Our PPC Consultants work together to get the best results for their PPC advertising clients and are supported by their team to solve even the most difficult cases.

What type of clients are best served by PPC Bidding Campaign Management Services Bangalore?

Lorita offers a variety of web marketing services for advertisers in many different industries. Most of our clients are small business owners,  medium -sized companies or agencies and spend between $500 – $50,000 per month in Google AdWords advertising and social media PPC advertising.

Is PPC Bidding Campaign Management Services Bangalore a Google Reseller?

No. Unlike Google reseller agencies who combine their fees with your AdWords spend, Lorita’s fees are 100% transparent. You pay for your AdWords spend, so you always know exactly how much is going towards AdWords advertising.

Will Lorita use my existing AdWords account, or will you create a new account for me?
Your choice, however typically we will use your existing Google AdWords account and help you optimize your budget allocated to paid search advertising.

Do I get regular reports about my account?
Yes! Lorita strives to be transparent in the work our Google Consultants do. Not only will you receive reports and scheduled calls from your dedicated PPC Consultant, you will have a free subscription to our pay-per-click platform so that you have complete access to your ca-data.

What if I want to take over management of my paid advertising campaigns at some point?

Easy to do! Your account is managed using our pay-per-click platform which you will have access to at any time. When you gain enough research knowledge and confidence to manage your paid search campaigns, you can transfer from full Consulting Services to our do-it-yourself platform in minutes.

Does  PPC Bidding Campaign Management Services Bangalore require annual or long-term commitments?

No, there is no long-term engagement required. It should be understood that building and managing effective PPC campaigns takes some time and consistency. However, if you don’t see the results you expect you may discontinue our services at any time with a 14-day notice.

How soon can you begin to work on my account once I sign on?

We can start right away! Typically, we will start with a kick-off call with your dedicated PPC Consultant to discuss your goals and strategies.

How much it cost to have PPC Bidding Campaign Management Services Bangalore to manage my PPC account?

Pricing for PPC Services starts at $500/month. Click here for more details, or contact us for a detailed quote.

Is there a one-time fee to begin working on my account?
No, there are no extra or hidden set-up fees with Lorita’s PPC Services.  You can simply sign on with your first month payment.

How do I get started?
Request a consultation for pay per click services or  Email your query to achandra@lorita.in

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